Milk paint ideas

How do you get your home paint to paint like your favorite movie character?It might be more challenging than it looks, but there are a lot of great paint ideas for you to try.Here’s what you need to know about milk paint.

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How to paint the sunset in a little boat

A little boat.And a boat-shaped sun.And, for the most part, that’s all that’s needed to get you started.There are, of course, a few tricky parts, but those are the most important.Sunscreens are generally easy to apply, but you’ll have to work on a few things to get them to shine.How to Get the Sun to […]

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How to brush your own nails

The last time I did nails was about five years ago.I bought a few brushes that were supposed to be permanent.One of them was a paint brush.I’ve always been interested in natural nail polish because it’s supposed to help me keep my nails straight, but I never tried it.It’s not like I’m a nail polish […]

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Trump’s ‘white paint’ crackdown: ‘Not a problem’ at a time of Trump’s decline

President Donald Trump’s new “white paint” crackdown is creating “a huge problem” for the Trump administration, a top congressional aide said Monday.The new rules, enacted Friday, allow the Department of Justice to target businesses and individuals for prosecution for refusing to paint over their names on government buildings.The rules, which were also reported Monday by […]

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