Clouds painting horse is the next big thing

A cloud painting horse.A horse painting cloud.And finally a cloud painting dog.These three things can all be done with paint, and they all look pretty neat.The first two examples are from the UK, where the artist, Richard Branson, paints the clouds with a brush and paints the horse in watercolors.In his latest work, Branson creates […]

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Which paints can I get for my PC?

What’s the best paint to use for your PC?I’ve got a little bit of a love-hate relationship with paint and it’s something I have to be honest. The first thing I do when I’m not painting is throw some paint on my desk and get to work.That’s the first step and it works out for me, […]

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New Mexico’s best Christmas decorations in 2018

A Christmas in the Rockies?The weather may be good in New Mexico, but the state is just not the same without its signature paint, a new study finds.The report released Wednesday by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology finds that a statewide Christmas painting program will cost about $6 million per year, according […]

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Why I love my painting brushes

Painting brushes are a classic tool in any home, but for me they’re even more valuable in a small studio.For one, they give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to mixing paints.A brush can be used to paint a wide range of colors, but it can also be used for more subtle, subtle […]

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