Portrait Painting for the Home

I’ve always been a huge fan of painting for the home.And, even though I never painted anything else before, I was still able to enjoy my home painting skills while I was away from the house.Today, I’m always painting for work.So, why not try painting your own home for a change?While it may seem a […]

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#MeToo has made us feel more like the bad guy in this

article A new hashtag has made its way to the Twitterverse, where people are expressing their frustration with sexual harassment in the workplace.“#MeToo” is a hashtag coined by comedian and activist J.K. Simmons, who recently launched a new website, The JK Simmons Institute, to discuss the issue of sexual harassment and misconduct.Simmons said the term […]

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How to Paint a Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree will be the centerpiece of any home, but where should you choose to decorate your tree?Here are five things you should know about decorating your Christmas tree.1.Choose a Tree That Will Fit The Size of Your House1.How Much Do You Need to Paint?It’s easy to paint your tree, but the amount you […]

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What is a paint brush?

Posted November 14, 2018 08:20:38Art brushes are the perfect tool for the professional painter.A brush can be used to brush over a finished painting, or as a palette cleanser or paintbrush to create a smooth and even finish.But what is a brush made of?Paint brushes are made of a material called paint.Paint is the main […]

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Trump: The Artist and His Paintings

Trump is the art director of the Trump Organization, and as the art manager of the museum in Trump Tower in New York City, he’s responsible for painting the walls of Trump-branded buildings, most notably Trump Tower.Trump and his team painted over the Trump Foundation’s logo in a bid to make it less recognizable as […]

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Which states are getting the most guns?

What do the following states have on their list of most gun-related deaths?Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New Mexico.California and Massachusetts have the most gun deaths per capita.State Gun Deaths per 100,000 Population Year Gun Deaths Per 100,00 Population Alaska 2007 4.5 4.1 4.4 Oregon 2007 4 3.6 4.2 […]

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