The first-ever digital clay palette for the home

An Australian company has created the first-of-its-kind digital clay paint palette for artists who want to create their own digital creations.The palette, which will be available for $19.99 from The Clip Studio, includes over 100 different colour palettes and will be offered for free online.It was developed by the Australian Digital Paintball Team, who are […]

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#MeToo has made us feel more like the bad guy in this

article A new hashtag has made its way to the Twitterverse, where people are expressing their frustration with sexual harassment in the workplace.“#MeToo” is a hashtag coined by comedian and activist J.K. Simmons, who recently launched a new website, The JK Simmons Institute, to discuss the issue of sexual harassment and misconduct.Simmons said the term […]

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Which paints can I get for my PC?

What’s the best paint to use for your PC?I’ve got a little bit of a love-hate relationship with paint and it’s something I have to be honest. The first thing I do when I’m not painting is throw some paint on my desk and get to work.That’s the first step and it works out for me, […]

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Which of these can you get?

The biggest problem with the term “clip studio” is that it’s often used in an oversimplified way.If someone asked you what a clip studio was, you’d probably say “a photo editing software suite.”Or, you might say, “a studio with a computer that uses cameras to capture still images.”But, it’s actually a more nuanced term that […]

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