What is a paint brush?

Posted November 14, 2018 08:20:38Art brushes are the perfect tool for the professional painter.A brush can be used to brush over a finished painting, or as a palette cleanser or paintbrush to create a smooth and even finish.But what is a brush made of?Paint brushes are made of a material called paint.Paint is the main […]

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Why you should buy art paint online

I have been painting in my home for the last 12 years and I have a lot of experience with painting on home surfaces.I started out in a local art studio and have worked with a few of my favourite artists and companies including the Art Museum in London.I have also painted a few walls […]

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The art of the artist

Painting supplies are a key part of an artist’s kit, but a lack of a solid collection can lead to frustration and disappointment.Here are seven tools you can use to get the job done.1.A brush, or spray bottle: A good quality brush or spray can helps keep your work on point.Use it as you would […]

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How to Build a Garden with Miller Paint

This article first appeared in the February 20 issue of Newsweek magazine.The cover of the February 15 issue.The new book, Art with Maser paints a very different portrait of the painter than the one that the museum is now selling.Maser Paint, from the Art Center of New York, a nonprofit arts center in the Bronx, […]

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