The first-ever digital clay palette for the home

An Australian company has created the first-of-its-kind digital clay paint palette for artists who want to create their own digital creations.The palette, which will be available for $19.99 from The Clip Studio, includes over 100 different colour palettes and will be offered for free online.It was developed by the Australian Digital Paintball Team, who are […]

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How to make your own pumpkin paint

A pumpkin-colored paint can be made using a few ingredients, but the end result could be pretty awesome.The pumpkin paint craze started in the 1980s and is still growing, and the artisans involved say the artistry of the work is all about creating a unique, organic, and fun color palette.The paint is also quite a […]

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Milk paint ideas

How do you get your home paint to paint like your favorite movie character?It might be more challenging than it looks, but there are a lot of great paint ideas for you to try.Here’s what you need to know about milk paint.

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How to make a countertop painting with Basquiat

Painting on a counter-top, a painting that can be used for a counter and can also be used as a window decoration, has become increasingly popular as artists have found creative ways to incorporate it into their work.Painting on countertops is a classic example of an “expressionistic” painting technique that has become a popular practice. The […]

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