A Clue for what’s next in blockchain-powered painting

Claude’s painting of the new Bitcoin blockchain will be featured at the upcoming Bitcoin Blockchain Art exhibition, according to its artist.The show, entitled “Bitcoin: A Clues for what, exactly?” is currently underway in New York City, but Claud’s artwork will be available to purchase on the bitcoin exchange Coinbase on August 24th.Claudes paintings include images […]

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What to do when you get the gold paint pens

Paint your life!Paint your walls!Paint all your furniture!Paint a piece of gold on your ceiling!Paint yourself a picture of a goldfish with a gold toothbrush!This is how you’ll get your gold paint pen.This is the ultimate in paint-pen art. You can get your first gold paint at a paint supply store for $6.99. The only problem is […]

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How to paint your new home

A new home should look like a piece of art, says the owner of a Brisbane-based studio.In a post on Facebook, The Artist and His Dream painted a new home on a Brisbane riverbank, which has been transformed into a painted bedroom.His paintbrush was covered in the colourful watercolour “Lily”, which is part of the […]

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The most dangerous tech companies in America

Recode has been covering technology in America for more than 30 years, from the humble computer to the massive tech giants that are reshaping the way we work, play and communicate.Our new series, The Most Dangerous Tech Companies in America, takes a look at how some of the biggest companies in the country have changed […]

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A mushroom painting by Dutch artist Vermeer is among the world’s most rare paintings, says museum

“It’s not a painting that will get you any publicity.The artist did it because he wanted to paint mushrooms.The mushrooms were his inspiration,” said Michael Meckel, curator of Vermeers “mushrooms” collection at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.The first time Vermeier painted the painting “Cucumber”, or “The Man Who Painted the Mountains” was […]

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