Benjamin Moore painting is a very different paintbrush from his famous brush, which he used to paint the faces of celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and John Lennon.

The painting, which depicts a man with a beard and a black wig, is one of a number of contemporary paintings that show Moore as an artist who explores themes of masculinity.

Moore has been known for his use of the brush, but he has been using it for quite a while, particularly as a way to illustrate his own life.

In 2011, Moore, then 22, said in an interview with the Daily Beast that he had been painting since he was a teenager.

“I used to be very creative, and I’m a big artist, and as a kid, I used to just sit there and paint, but as I got older, I started to realize that it’s not as good as it’s supposed to be,” Moore said.

“I started to really try to make the painting more about my own life, and my life as an adult, and it started to change.”

In 2013, Moore told a group of young people at the Art Museum of New York that he painted the portrait of his father, the late Ben Moore, to “show him how much I loved him.”

Moore has continued painting, but it is a more intimate look at his father.

He uses the brush on his family, friends, and himself.

“He was always the first to say, ‘You don’t need to paint my face.’

He was always very supportive,” Moore told The Huffington and HuffPost Live.”

The brush I’m using is the same as the one that my dad used to have, but I’m going to give him this brush that I’ve made, and if he wants it, he can have it.”

While the brush is not Moore’s favorite brush, he said that it is an instrument that is very helpful in painting.

“If you paint the face, the eyes, the nose, it makes the painting much more beautiful,” Moore continued.

“There’s not a single piece of my body that’s not covered with paint.

I can paint all of my clothes and everything, so it’s really important to me.”

Moore told HuffPost Live that his brush has grown in value over the years.

“When I first got it, I thought, ‘I have to keep it, and there’s nothing I can sell it for,’ but I actually got it for around $20,” he said.

“It’s not that much.

You can get it for $20 if you want it.

It’s got a very high price tag.

I’d rather have it than the canvas, because I’m not painting it for a dollar.”

Moore said he’s not really sure why the brush has changed so much in the past 30 years.

“It’s probably just been a very simple, natural evolution, but then, at some point, something else came along and it was a completely different kind of thing,” he told HuffPost.