In China, art is considered one of the most important forms of communication and expression, as well as a tool for creating lasting connections.

Art is one of many social media platforms that are used to connect with a broader audience, especially through social media networks like Sina Weibo, which was the first Chinese social media platform to launch a video chat program in 2012.

But in the past few years, Chinese artists have become increasingly interested in selling their works on Chinese social networks and the art market in general.

The trend of artists selling their work online is a major trend, as is the use of the Internet as a platform to connect directly with the public, as a way to connect socially with friends and fans and even promote their works.

But there is a growing trend of Chinese artists selling paintings on the Internet.

The most popular examples are paintings by famous Chinese artists such as Li Shuangqian, Wang Lijian and Song Jianhua, and more obscure works that have been seen as a reflection of their personal lives, like a painting by the artist Li Zhixing that was found at the Kunming Museum.

The paintings that are being sold on Chinese online sites for thousands of yuan ($1,200) are typically commissioned by Chinese artists and sold online for a much lower price.

 There are many online markets where artists sell their work, including online auctions, a popular place for artists to sell their works to raise funds and to sell the work in a gallery, which are generally more expensive than the paintings sold directly on the website.

Artists say they’re often able to sell more paintings online because of the high quality of their paintings.

But the sale of their work on Chinese websites is not limited to Chinese artists.

The Chinese government recently banned the sale and distribution of artworks on Chinese sites, as the government said it had done to protect artists and artists’ reputation.

This decision has created a major problem for artists who are unable to sell paintings on Chinese platforms.

Some artists have turned to illegal methods of selling their paintings, such as selling them as virtual items or in bulk on sites like and eBay.

Artists and other artists have also started collecting artworks from other artists and other countries, which is often illegal.

China has been cracking down on online art markets, particularly on the web, and the new trend is putting pressure on artists to find new ways to sell works.