I love Halloween and my wife loves it too. 

She asked me to paint her a bunting so she could have a Halloween costume. 

My response? 

Well, you know, I’m just a big fan of Halloween and this idea of a bun is super cool. 

Plus, I know that there are tons of other ways to paint this bun, so I thought I’d share my best DIY tips on how to paint it to make your own amazing Halloween costume!

I’m so excited to be sharing these DIY tips with you today, and I hope you love them!

So, first things first: Make sure you have a little time to set up your paint kit.

I’m a huge fan of using paint buckets to paint these bunting ideas, and they come in a variety of colors and textures.

You want to get creative with the colors and the textures so you can get a really different look.

You want to be able to paint the bunting a bit at a time. 

Here’s what you’ll need: A paint bucket I used a paint bucket with a paintbrush and a bit of tape to attach to my bunting. 

It took me about an hour and a half to paint a full-sized bun. 

 (It took about an extra hour and two minutes to paint an 8-inch bun.

I think I got it right on the first try.) 

A brush and a paint brush to paint your bunting (optional) You’ll want to use a paint-like brush to make sure that the bun is evenly covered in the paint. 

The bun should look really pretty if you’re careful. 

You can see the bun and paintbrush above. 

Once you have your paintbrush on, make sure to paint evenly and evenly with a light-colored paintbrush.

You can see how my paintbrush looks a bit dirty. 

Now, paint your paint-brush and brush to a light brown color. 

Paint your bun with a lighter color and a lighter shade of paint, like a brown. 

(This looks a little dark and won’t work as well.) 

Now you’re ready to get started! 

Step 1: Find your paint bucket, and paint it black. 

For this bun design, I used the “Black-on-Black” bunting paint bucket. 

I had a lot of fun painting this bun.

 Here is what you need to paint: a brush a paintbrush a bucket You may have to spray the bun, depending on how thick the paint you’re using is. 

After you paint your brush and paint brush, paint the whole bun with paint.

Make sure you don’t forget to paint everything, especially the bun.

This will prevent the bun from sticking. 

Step 2: Paint a darker shade of color to your bun.

You will want to paint every little bit of your bun on your bun, including the bun itself. 

This is important. 

Using a darker paint will make the bun stand out from the rest of the bun design. 

And, as you can see, the bun does stand out. 

To do this, paint a darker color to the bun than you’re painting. 

If you’re not sure how to do this step, check out this video by the artist for more tips. 

Again, be sure to add enough paint to cover the bun all the way around so that it doesn’t stick. 

As you can also see, it looks like it’s still wet on the outside, but you can easily wipe it off. 

When you’ve sprayed all of the paint on the bun to make it look even darker, brush the bun with your paint brush again and paint the entire bun with the lighter shade. 

Repeat steps 1-2 for the next bun. 

 Step 3: Use a paint sprayer to paint over your bun once you’ve painted all of your paint on your paint.

To do this quickly, you can simply spray the paint right onto the bun first and then spray the entire design over the paintbrush again. 

Be sure to keep the paint off of the top of the design as well, so that the paint will not stick to the design.

You could also spray the whole design with your sprayer and then paint the rest, but I found it was easier to just paint the design with the paint brush and spray the design over with the sprayer. 

At this point, you should have a design with a great mix of colors on it. 

Make sure that you paint all the bun pieces and the bun in all the colors you want. 

Use your paint sprayers to spray over the bun once again.

This is where the bun will look really good. 

That’s because the paint is covering all of it.

Step 4: Now that you’ve got your bun painted, paint it a bit darker. This is