A lot of people use behr paints for windows, but the paint doesn’t hold up as well as traditional window paint.

That’s because it’s a bit too thick and has a lot of impurities in it.

And it also has a tendency to chip and fall apart.

So to make something of the quality and look that’s been created by Behr, the team of artists at the Danish studio BH Paints used a special method to create something that holds up well.

The paint, which was created in collaboration with a Norwegian company called BH Paint, is made up of two layers of resin.

In a similar process, behr and other natural substances are mixed with water and dried.

Then, the resin is blended with water to create a base layer that will help the paint stick to the glass.

This gives the paint its strength.

The behr is then painted onto the glass, which creates a surface that’s a mirror of the natural material.

After that, the next step is to layer the behr with a second layer of the resin, making sure that it’s evenly mixed and that the two layers have the same density.

The result looks something like this:When the beahrs are finished, they’re then left to dry and blend in with the natural glass, resulting in a finished painting.BH Paint uses behr to create these reflective wall paintings, which can be used for any purpose.

Behr paint can be applied to windows, glass, ceramics, and even a wall.

The team says that it is ideal for making window frames, as it’s easy to paint and easy to clean.

It also creates a reflective surface, and is even capable of reflecting light from the sun, creating a “glass wall” effect.

The team is working on several more projects, including a collection of decorative mirrors, and the ability to make light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to give off a green glow.