A pumpkin-colored paint can be made using a few ingredients, but the end result could be pretty awesome.

The pumpkin paint craze started in the 1980s and is still growing, and the artisans involved say the artistry of the work is all about creating a unique, organic, and fun color palette.

The paint is also quite a bit easier to make than it sounds, as it’s just a paintbrush.

Paint-making is usually done in a large paint can that’s full of paint, a mixing bowl, a bucket and a pot, said Krista Tabor, an artist and pumpkin-painting expert.

Tabor, who lives in Florida, said the process starts by mixing up a large amount of paint and mixing it with a small amount of water, which will be poured into a paint can.

The water in the paint can will add a thick layer of paint on top of the water, creating a thick, watery layer.

Once the water is in the can, the paint will be mixed into a large mixing bowl.

The larger the paint pot, the thicker the paint.

When mixing paint into a larger paint pot the water will add more paint and a thinner, lighter layer.

Once the paint is mixed into the bowl, it will be put in a pot that is about four inches tall, said Tabor.

Once all the paint has been mixed into it, the pumpkin-paint-maker uses a paint brush to blend the paint into the pumpkin, she said.

Once you’ve created the color palette, the end product is what you’ll use for your painting, she explained.

The paint can is made from plastic, which means the paint needs to be completely sealed to keep it from leaking.

The can is a little bit smaller than a paint bottle, so it’s easier to carry, but it’s also much lighter than a standard paint bottle.

Tibera said the paint that you’re using will be the same as what you’d use for a pumpkin carving.

She said you can mix up a mix of different colors and add some texture to the color.

Tobera said that it’s all about the art.

The pumpkin is the symbol of all things pumpkin-related, she added.

The colors in the pumpkin represent things like fruit, berries, spices, and even other colors of the pumpkin itself.

Tubera said it’s always nice to have a different pumpkin-themed color palette on hand.

She added that she’s never been able to make a paint palette from scratch, so she made her own by mixing different colors together.