Paint brushes work best if you don’t want to wash them yourself.

A good primer will help you get the paint out of the brush, and then you can just wipe it off with a damp cloth or rag.

Rustoleums spray paint can be a bit messy and scratchy, so if you have a spray bottle handy, you can make sure to use it on your brushes.

To make your own spray paints, you’ll need:1.

Paint brush with a bristles (or bristles) that fits into your spray bottle2.

A paint scraper (a metal or plastic scraper)3.

A spray bottle (if you have one)A spray bottle is a small container that you can put your paintbrush or scraper in to help you clean your brush.

A few sprays of paint and you can start using it.

Here’s how to use paint brushes to clean RustoleUM spray paint.1.

Spray paint brush in a bowl.2.

Spray brush onto your brush (don’t worry about making sure your brush is in the right place, you just want to get the color out).3.

Put your brush on the paint scrapper (a plastic scrapper) and shake it vigorously.

You’ll want to use your brush as little as possible to help the paint scrape off.4.

Put paintbrush on the scraper, shake it, and start rubbing it into the paint.5.

As you rub paint into the scrapper, make sure that you make sure the paint brushes bristles are not touching each other.

If you do this, then the paintbrush won’t be able to clean your paint.6.

Put the brush in the bowl of the spray bottle and spray paintbrush again.

The brush should be touching the paint brush bristles at least once.7.

Use your brush to clean paintbrush bristles, and wipe off excess paintbrush residue from your brushbrush.