Trump has made a habit of publicly deriding the U.S. intelligence community for its lack of competence and political correctness.

But Trump’s most recent comments on the intelligence community’s lack of effectiveness and lack of results have brought him into conflict with many Republicans in Congress, who see him as too eager to criticize them.

The latest comments come on the heels of Trump’s refusal to release the names of the officers who were killed in the July 4 attack in Niger.

The White House has yet to release names of those killed in Niger, but the administration has already begun to reveal details of their deaths.

Trump has also taken aim at the intelligence agencies in a series of tweets.

“The failing @CIA has made it very clear that the ‘bad guys’ in #Niger are the very people the U:A has been fighting for over 40 years,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

“They have failed, and must be stopped!


On Thursday, Trump accused the intelligence communities of not taking the fight against the Islamic State seriously enough.

“So, the intelligence chiefs are just standing there with their mouths wide open saying nothing is happening.

So, the dumbest thing that’s ever happened is that they’re not even trying to do anything.,” Trump said.

“This is the worst time in history.”