Trump is the art director of the Trump Organization, and as the art manager of the museum in Trump Tower in New York City, he’s responsible for painting the walls of Trump-branded buildings, most notably Trump Tower.

Trump and his team painted over the Trump Foundation’s logo in a bid to make it less recognizable as a charity, but the project was stopped by the charity’s ethics director after a year.

Trump said he had no idea it was happening.

The paintings Trump commissioned are from his own collection, and some are from pieces of furniture and other pieces that were donated to the museum by other art collectors.

Trump’s collection also includes pieces from a house that he owned, the Trump SoHo, and his wife, Melania, who was once described as the inspiration for one of his paintings.

A few of Trump’s paintings are displayed in the museum, and Trump said one of them, a painting of a man holding a cigarette, was one of the items that he and his assistant bought for the museum.

Trump did not say whether the painting was one he had ever seen.

In the 1970s, the family bought a house in the Queens neighborhood of Queens for $100,000, and bought a second home in Trump’s neighborhood of New Jersey for $200,000.

They lived there for a decade.