A Christmas in the Rockies?

The weather may be good in New Mexico, but the state is just not the same without its signature paint, a new study finds.

The report released Wednesday by the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology finds that a statewide Christmas painting program will cost about $6 million per year, according to an accompanying editorial.

New Mexico already had a tradition of painting Christmas trees, shrubs and trees in the statehouse, but this year the program is likely to be more extensive than ever, said Mark Krumholz, a senior research fellow in the institute’s School of Mining, Energy and Environment and lead author of the report.

The New Mexico Department of Mines and Energy plans to spend $4 million to install new holiday trees in New Mexicans homes and businesses, with the goal of creating about 5,000 new Christmas decorations each year.

That’s more than enough to paint a whole house, Krumselz said.

The state has already installed more than 20,000 holiday decorations in New Mexicans homes and buildings in the past year.

It’s also planning to install another 20,300 Christmas trees in 2018, the institute reported.

But Krumsells report found that New Mexicans Christmas trees aren’t the only decorations they’ll need to paint in 2018.

The institute also looked at how many of the state’s Christmas decorations were being used and the cost per square foot of the decorations.

The institute estimates that about 1.8 million square feet of Christmas decorations are being used each year in New Mexican homes, businesses and communities, a cost that’s $3.5 million per square-foot, according the report, which did not include the cost of building the decorations themselves.

Topping that number was a large number of Christmas trees at Christmas markets that are part of the annual Christmas celebration.

The cost per sq. ft. of Christmas tree decorations ranged from $2.7 million to $5.4 million, the report said.

New Mexicans who want to use the Christmas decorations should look for a commercial market that offers a wide selection of Christmas products, Kramholz said in a statement.