SpongeBob is in the middle of a manicure, so he decided to give himself a manicurist’s break.

But SpongeBob was looking for something else.

He wanted a new shoe polish, so instead of trying the usual “bud” polish he found something a bit more “sassy”.

“It’s kind of a weird thing, I’m actually thinking about the same thing right now,” SpongeBob said.

“My brother used to make shoes, but he died a couple of years ago, so I’ve been stuck on my feet for a couple years.

So I’ve tried a few different shoe polishes.

But I’m thinking, ‘I’d really like to try this new shoe polishing thing.'””

I was hoping to get a nail polish, but I don’t really have any nail polish in my wardrobe,” SpongeBoy added.

So, SpongeBob started looking at nail polish that he liked, but didn’t have.

And SpongeBob did his research.

When SpongeBob came across the “buds” brand, he knew he had to try them.

“I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll give these a try.’

I thought I’d have to do a lot of research before I decided to buy the polish,” SpongeBob said. 

“I’ve always wanted a nail polishing kit.”

“I bought a bunch of nail polishes from Ikea.

I’ve never been into nail polish before,” SpongeJack added.

“It was a really nice polish to look at, but it was hard to put together and get a really good quality nail polish.”

“I didn’t really know what the difference was between them, so when I saw this one, I thought, this is really something I can do with my nails,” SpongeSponge said.

“And then I just had to get some,” Sponge Bob added.

“I have a few of them in my drawer, so if I need something to try, I just take them out and put them in,” Sponge Boy said.