By Sarah Henningsen | USA Today Staff writerPosted February 10, 2019 12:29AMIt’s a lot like drawing your own cartoon.

It’s not the most effective way to draw yourself.

But it’s a great way to think about yourself.

A cute cartoon can be the best way to get your mind and body in the right place.

In the spring of 2019, two girls and one boy were working in a paint shop in Pittsburgh when the manager came in with a note.

He had a big, colorful drawing of a pachyderm in the background.

The boy, who was a senior, didn’t believe it.

But the girl, a junior, did.

“It was kind of like a cartoon,” she said.

“I just took it to my desk and drew it on the side.”

A couple weeks later, they posted the drawing on Instagram and received a lot of positive feedback.

The girl took the drawing to her high school art class.

They didn’t know if the drawings would be taken seriously, but the teacher liked them.

It was the beginning of a long friendship that led to an internship at a local paint shop and an award-winning painting that sold for $5,000.

But when the girls got home, they were shocked.

“There were drawings on the walls and it was kind.

It had a funny look to it,” said Amanda, a senior.

She was excited to show her friends the painting and the teacher laughed.

“I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cute.

It is cute.'””

It’s kind of a cute drawing,” said the boy, Amanda said.

They both had to learn to appreciate the art of drawing and draw the correct style.

They were still learning how to draw but they now had the confidence to make their own cute cartoons.

“One of my favorite things is to have a good friend,” said Josh, a sophomore.

He said they would come over to his house, make their friends dinner, and watch the kids play in the sandbox.

“It was fun.”

The girls were hooked.

“That’s how we do it,” Amanda said, adding, “That was kind.”

The other boy, Josh, said it’s easier to do than it is to get a job in the paint shop.

“That was a great thing to see,” Amanda recalled.

They also both have a knack for the art form.

They both have been working in the painting business for the past two years, and they were happy to get back to school to do some extra work.

When they started, they had no idea how successful the business would be.

But they were able to make some money.

They even won a grant from a Pittsburgh-area organization.

The girls said they were both happy to be able to have the freedom to draw.

But when they started working together, they realized that they were different.

“If you’re just drawing a picture, it’s not good,” Amanda admitted.

“If you do it a little bit more, you have a better chance of making it good.”

“The more you work together, the more you’re like a team,” Josh added.

“There’s always going to be a challenge, but that’s okay.

We can get through it.”