President Donald Trump plans to sign an infrastructure bill Monday, after a $1 billion stimulus package failed to pass the House of Representatives.

Trump’s bill includes $1,400 billion in federal funding for the infrastructure plan, $500 billion for highways, $1 million for bridge and tunnel projects, $400 billion for transportation projects, and $200 billion for public transit projects.

It also includes $250 billion for roads, $60 billion for bridges, $40 billion for tunnels and bridges, and the rest would be spent on other projects.

The White House is touting the infrastructure bill as a “historic bipartisan effort” to address the nation’s infrastructure needs.

The Trump administration will spend about $1 per household on infrastructure spending, which is $400 more than what the House had proposed, according to a White House fact sheet.

Democrats have said they will not support the legislation, arguing that it would cut off billions of dollars in federal investment that has made it possible for millions of Americans to stay on their homes.

The Senate passed its version of the bill earlier this week, but it has not yet been sent to Trump’s desk.

The bill has passed the House and Senate.

A White House official told The Hill that Trump has not spoken to lawmakers on the bill, and that the administration is still “looking into” the legislation.

Trump said in an interview that he and his administration have made progress in addressing the nation ‘s long-term infrastructure needs and “a lot of the issues that we’re dealing with, including our border wall.”

He said the $1trillion infrastructure bill is “the biggest infrastructure package ever passed,” and that it will “add billions of jobs, millions of construction jobs, and billions of new private sector jobs.”