The Cool Painting is a new series from The Simpsons that premiered this month.

In it, Lisa’s father has a painting commissioned by the city of Springfield, where the city’s art galleries are located.

“The painting you see on the TV show is the painting I was working on for you, my father,” Bart explains, as his dad puts on a cool blue paintbrush.

“I’m the painter.

My father’s painting is the artist.

It’s cool, isn’t it?”

Lisa’s dad says.

“It’s a really cool painting.”

Lisa, however, says it’s not what she expected.

“You’re supposed to think that this is something that would be a little bit out of my realm,” she says.

The Cool Paintings feature the iconic “art gallery” artwork.

Lisa and her father talk about the painting, which is about a giant, purple, red, and blue squirrel.

The artwork is inspired by an image from the animated TV series, The Simpsons.

The painting is based on a real painting, as seen in the “The Cool Painting” episode of The Simpsons, when Lisa’s parents had a painting that had a very similar color scheme to that of the Simpsons painting.

“When I first saw the painting in the TV series,” Lisa says, “I was like, ‘That’s a little too much!’

And I was a little upset.”

Lisa’s mother, Doreen, is also upset with the painting.

She tells Lisa that her painting is “just too cool.”

“It was like a really big painting.

It was like somebody put a big red square over it and it was like an elephant,” she said.

“And it was just a big, big red squirrel.”

The Cool Painter is one of the many new episodes that aired this month that feature Lisa and Bart talking about the art and painting.

Lisa says that her dad had given her the painting so she can paint it.

“We’re going to get to the bottom of this,” Lisa explains.

Lisa’s brother, Krusty, tells Bart that Lisa had asked him to paint her and her brother’s painting.

Bart says that the painting will be used as the backdrop for the Simpsons’ new “Cool Painting” episode.

“My dad’s painting will make for a great backdrop,” Bart says.

Lisa is unsure about what the artwork will look like.

“Why am I gonna have a bunch of squirrels hanging out in the middle of my painting?”

Lisa asks.

“Oh, you know, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!”

Lisa’s sister, Lisa, is less than enthused about the “Cool Painter.”

“I thought it was kind of a cool painting,” she tells Lisa.

“But I don’t know, maybe you’ll have a fun time painting it.”

Lisa says she’s going to have to take it to a real artist and make it something special.

“If you can make something that is cool, I’ll give you the cool painting!”

Lisa tells her sister.

Lisa has previously said that she would like to make a cool drawing for her brother.