Here’s the thing: There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of fun.

Here’s what to do with the rest.


Get a new wardrobe.

You don’t have to go through a messy closet, but it sure beats the constant feeling of being “dressed up” every single day.


Find some cool art.

You can make something cute with the help of your art supplies and your imagination, but sometimes you just want to have a laugh.


Take a stroll around the house.

It can be a lot of fun and a great way to connect with others.


Play some video games.

Video games have become such a staple in our lives that you can now play them on your phone.

The only problem is that there are a lot more video games available these days.

And the one that makes the most sense is the ones that don’t involve the camera.


Go on a hike.

The weather can be quite hot, but hiking is a great excuse to enjoy a good hike.


Go to a zoo.

This is a really easy way to spend some time with your loved ones, and a trip to a wildlife sanctuary can be an incredible way to reconnect with the natural world.


Go swimming.

A great way for your body to get more water, even if you’re not swimming.


Go hiking.

There are a ton of great hikes in the U.S. and Canada, and you don’t need to spend a lot to get some great views.


Try out some yoga.

The yoga class will definitely boost your metabolism, and the benefits are obvious.


Go for a hike on a beach.

Not only does this be an excellent way to decompress from a busy day, but there are lots of great activities to enjoy.


Do some photography.

Photography is an amazing way to capture a unique look at the natural surroundings.


Go bowling.

You have to admit, it’s a little weird that you’d want to go bowling, but hey, if you love bowling, why not try it?


Play a board game.

You might not have any board games in your life, but they’re so much fun, and they’ll definitely make you feel better.


Read a book.

If you’re reading a book on your smartphone, why would you even bother reading it?


Go out for a walk.

Whether you’re in a car or walking on the street, you can definitely feel your body getting ready to kick some butt.


Go kayaking.

It’s definitely a great workout, and kayaking is a fun way to relax.


Go shopping.

If it’s not cheap, you might be able to get a few more things for your budget, and buying new things can definitely be fun.


Go skiing.

It might be a little too early to start getting into skiing, but once you do, you’ll be able take it easy and spend less time getting dressed and more time enjoying the mountains.


Eat out.

If that’s not enough fun, then maybe go out for some dinner.


Go camping.

There’s always something new to try, and if you’ve never camped before, then camping is definitely a good idea.


Play the piano.

You’ve probably seen the movies or the TV shows where the pianist is playing a song, but this is actually something that you could actually do. 22.

Take in a movie.

Movies are great, but what if you don,t want to see a movie on your own?

Maybe you can go to a theater and get a movie for yourself.


Play an instrument.

It may sound a little odd, but playing an instrument will help you connect with the people around you and the things around you.


Go biking.

Not many people get to go on a bike ride, but a trip with your friends or family can really be a blast.


Go fishing.

It doesn’t have a name, but every single species of fish has its own personality, and fishing can be something that adds a new dimension to the whole experience.


Go sailing.

If there’s one thing that can’t be beat, it’d be sailing.

You know how it is when you’re a kid, and it’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and spend some quality time on the water.


Eat something healthy.

If everything goes well, you should be feeling much better after a hard day’s work.


Go cycling.

This sport is not just for kids, but adults as well.


Do a yoga class.

It’ll make you sweat a lot, but if you can get some time to yourself, it can be great fun.


Go yoga.

Not everyone enjoys yoga, but yoga can be incredibly therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul.


Go horseback riding.

Horses are fun to