The Zika virus has been causing a surge in cases in Brazil.

The first cases have been reported in the Amazon.

Here are the latest news.

1:02 BBC News: “This is the first time we’ve ever seen an outbreak of Zika in Brazil”.

1:01 BBC News – Zika virus outbreak in Brazil: How it began?

1:00 BBC News, The Economist, The Times, The Independent, Reuters: “Zika outbreak in Rio de Janeiro begins to pick up steam” 1:45 BBC News Rio de Rozas: “Brazil’s health minister calls for an emergency session to declare a state of emergency” 1.30 BBC News BBC News Brazil: “It is not a matter of ‘we can’t let the virus’ but rather we need to stop spreading it to others” 1 BBC News Reuters Brazil: A woman shows her Zika test results in Rio, Brazil, on April 5, 2018.

Brazil is seeing an outbreak, with 1,823 cases, more than double the 1,200 the previous day.

The outbreak has spread to parts of the northeast and eastern part of the country, and has forced hundreds of thousands of people to seek medical help.

1.25 BBC News US President Donald Trump: “There is no question that Zika is going to be an enormous problem in the United States.”

1.24 BBC News World Health Organization: “No definitive link yet, but Brazil’s Ministry of Health says the virus has spread” 1,23.59 BBC News AFP: “Health ministry says no direct link to Zika virus” 1 Reuters The US State Department: “The US government is continuing to monitor Brazil and Brazil’s neighbors to determine whether they have the virus.

The World Health Organisation says there is no direct evidence linking Zika to birth defects.”

1 Reuters Reuters Brazil’s Health Ministry says no link to the Zika outbreak.

Reuters Reuters Reuters The health ministry says there’s no direct proof linking Zika with birth defects.

1 Reuters AP US State Dept.: “No direct link yet” AP Reuters Reuters AP Reuters AP AP Reuters The CDC says Zika has no direct effect on pregnancy.

Reuters AP BBC News The CDC: “We do not have any direct evidence that the Zika infection has led to fetal death.”

Reuters Reuters US President Trump says the Zika epidemic will continue.

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