NHL players have decided to get a new look, and for good reason.

Here are some of their best choices.


Red Wings captain Henrik Zetterberg “It’s time for a change,” said defenseman Nicklas Lidstrom.

“The old logo doesn’t have a lot of appeal, but it’s been good for us and we’re looking forward to a fresh new look.”


Stars captain Jamie Benn “I think we should be better,” said forward Jamie Benn.

“When I saw the original logo, it didn’t match up with the modern look that we have now.

I think the new logo is the best way to go.”


Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf “I’m a fan of the original design,” said Getzlaff.

“I just think it looks great.

It’s not just the colors and the size, it’s also the feel and the way it looks.

It just feels right.”


Flyers captain Claude Giroux “I like the new look,” said Giroux.

“If it’s going to change, then I’m going to vote for it.”


Sabres captain Jack Eichel “I don’t think the current logo is going to match up,” said Sabres captain Ryan O’Reilly.

“It doesn’t fit me.

The old logo does, but I think that the new one is the better one.”


Panthers defenseman Zach Sanford “I prefer the old logo because I’m a little bit older,” said Sanford.

“But I’m glad we got to get it changed.

It doesn’t look like we did with the original.”


Panthers forward Ryan Kesler “I voted for the old one, but the new is the way to do it,” said Kesler.

“You want to have the logo that you’re a part of, and I think it’s a good one.”


Devils defenseman Cory Schneider “I was voting for the original,” said Schneider.

“Then I went back and looked at the new ones, and it’s kind of an improvement.”


Blue Jackets defenseman Kevin Klein “The logo is great, but a lot more people have been wearing it,” Klein said.

“We’ve had a lot fewer fans wear it.

I’m definitely a fan.

But, again, I think people have grown accustomed to the old ones.”


Capitals defenseman John Carlson “I really like the old logos,” said Carlson.

“For the new logos, it doesn’t work for me.”


Sabres defenseman Ryan Olli Jokinen “The new logo looks really good,” said Jokinens coach Dan Bylsma.

“They’re not all that different from the old versions, and that’s what we’re trying to get away from.”


Predators defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen “I do like the current look, but that’s not what I think of the old designs,” said Risto.

“So, that’s the old look, right?

The new one? No.”