A new trend in fabric painting is turning the fabric of the NBA into an intricate painting that can be done with a simple hammer and a bit of paint.

The process has its roots in the old-school fabric painting process, but the new technique is closer to a 3D printing technique, according to a press release from fabric paint artist, Michael Lohman.

The technique can also be used to paint the backs of jerseys and shorts, but it requires the player to actually fabricate the fabric from scratch, according the release.

Lohmann began fabric painting as a hobby when he was a high school student in California.

He said that he wanted to make a quick way to add some color to his art, so he started fabric painting.

“I had an idea that I could do something with fabric, and it was really simple,” Lohmans told ABC News.

“You just pick out the fabric, take it to the fabric shop and it’s basically just like painting a fabric.”

He said he did this for his high school students so that they could “make something out of nothing.”

He did this in his spare time, but said it is a passion for him.

“My goal is to paint a new canvas every day for the next year or two,” he said.

“It’s just like creating a canvas, just to have it in your hand and paint it.”

He added that the goal was to “bring back the feeling of the old days” of fabric painting, but with the addition of fabric.

“For us, the goal is just to make something beautiful,” he told ABC.

“It’s like making a new painting, because we’re doing something new with the canvas.”

If we could have something like this in the NBA, I would love to see how it would look on a jersey.

“Fabric paint can be used for a lot of different things, including paint jobs, for the player, for uniforms, for helmets, for pants, for shorts.

The whole idea of it is to add depth and texture to the jersey and give it a feeling of permanence and authenticity.”

To paint the jersey, you just need to have the right materials.

You can use anything from cotton to polyester to leather to fiberglass, so it can be anything.