A new home should look like a piece of art, says the owner of a Brisbane-based studio.

In a post on Facebook, The Artist and His Dream painted a new home on a Brisbane riverbank, which has been transformed into a painted bedroom.

His paintbrush was covered in the colourful watercolour “Lily”, which is part of the Australian flag.

“I have never done this before,” he told the ABC.

“I’m really excited about this and the challenge of painting a new house.”

It’s not an easy job, but I’ve always had this passion for this project.

“He painted the home in two sections.

The second section was an extension of the living room and the main room.”

We were talking about the kitchen and we had this conversation about how we could get it up and moving,” he said.”

When I saw the colour of the watercolour on the kitchen floor, I was like, ‘Oh, I want to do that.’

“The artist and his dream painting ‘Lily’ is part to the Australian Flag.

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