A picture of a white man sitting atop a bed of roses, a rose, and a rosebud is not the most interesting thing about the presidential election.

But it’s a picture of Donald Trump.

The rosebuds have become a symbol of the Republican nominee, whose campaign is the first in a series of major rallies that has drawn the likes of Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to Washington, D.C., and a slew of celebrity endorsers.

The picture of Trump, dressed in a dark suit and tie, was widely posted in recent days.

But what the rosebuddies represent is a deeper point of conflict in American politics.

Trump is an outsider, with an anti-establishment streak that has long held sway in his country.

He has said he is a billionaire and has repeatedly accused the media of “fake news” and is “totally focused on making America great again.”

But he has also made divisive remarks about immigrants and the disabled, and he has drawn comparisons to a former president who is seen as racist.

In a recent interview, Trump also questioned whether the country is “so divided,” a reference to his criticism of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for failing to win over African Americans.

Trump’s supporters have also been quick to embrace his rhetoric.

Many of his supporters say they feel that the political system is rigged against them, and they often express anger over the fact that Clinton has not faced a serious challenger to her, despite having held the office for six years.

In addition to the roses, Trump’s campaign is known for featuring a picture taken from a camera mounted on a wall.

The image of Trump and a bedecked rose on a white wall has been the most-viewed photo in his campaign.

The campaign said on Friday that the bedecks were made in collaboration with the Trump International Hotel in Washington, which opened in 2005.

The bedeks were first shown at a rally at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Florida, in late March, according to Trump.