Photographer John Fealy and his dog have a unique new way to capture a perfect portrait of their beloved pet, and it’s called a drone.

Fealer and his wife, Jill, have been painting miniature portraits of their dogs for the past eight years.

Jill Fealers hobby involves painting miniature paintings of her two sons, including the latest addition, Jax, a golden retriever mix.

“It’s very much a love of the craft,” Fealery told National Geographic.

“And if you’re a painter, it’s something you can do on a daily basis.”

The Fealys own a miniature painting studio and Feal’s sons have also been taking a hobby seriously for the last eight years, using drones to capture images of the house and garden.

“The main thing we love about the hobby is that it’s a lot of fun,” Feeders wife said.

“You don’t have to worry about your life and your career.”

The couple started painting miniature photos for a hobby project when Jill got the idea of using a drone to take photos of their backyard.

When the family moved to Seattle in 2007, the Fealies said they realized that they could take a picture of the backyard without actually having to take a drive to get there.

Jax is a miniature portrait painter.

Fealering uses a drone and a GoPro camera.

The family has been doing the drone photography for the most part on the weekends, so they have time to go out for dinner and a stroll.

In addition to using the drone to capture the portraits, Jill has also used it to capture photos of her sons, whom she said she’s been using to teach them how to paint.

Fealers sons have been taking pictures of their house.

They’ve done the drone and the camera, and they’ve also been playing with the digital camera.

Jax has also been using the GoPro camera to take pictures of the water.

It’s a little bit like a GoPro Hero 4 Black with the added bonus of the ability to take 360 degree panoramas.

The Feales have been photographing their dogs since 2009, when Jill Feraly moved to the Seattle area.

The couple has also photographed the cats, chickens, dogs and other animals that they own, and have also had fun painting miniature pet portraits with the drones.

After the first three years of photography, Jill said she realized that the hobby would become a way for her husband to keep a record of the hobby. 

“I was just amazed when I started the hobby,” she said.

While the Feals are using the hobby to capture their dogs, they have also started to use it to take photographs of other people’s pets.

For example, Jill recently took a picture with a pet cat named Max, a German Shepherd mix.

Jill said Max is a big fan of being photographed by his family and has had a few of his photos taken with his own camera. 

The Falsies are still trying to figure out how to get the best pictures from their drones, and Jill said they are still figuring out the best way to shoot them. 

They also want to figure it out how the drones work, and where to put them.

“I want the drone, the cameras, the software, the internet,” Jill said.

“If we could get the software to work properly with the hardware, then we could capture images on a regular basis,” Fedders wife added.

With the recent increase in the number of drone photography hobbyists, the hobby seems to be taking off. 

It’s not just Jill Feddings hobby, but the hobby of miniature painting.

There is an increasing number of hobbyists taking pictures with drones.