The interior paint of your car is supposed to be black.

But the paint in your exterior paint is white.

That’s why some drivers are worried that their cars’ interior paint will turn black.

The answer is to remove it from your vehicle and the paint should not be visible at all.

There are two main ways to remove paint from an exterior paint: by removing the entire paintwork itself, or by applying a primer or primer with white paint.

But you can also use a white primer.

A primer is white paint that’s sprayed onto a white surface, and it dries to a white finish.

This is a very simple way to remove interior paint.

If you want to make sure your car doesn’t turn black, take this primer out.

If your car hasn’t already been painted, you can start by removing your exterior and interior paint from the car and washing the surface.

To do this, pull out the interior and exterior paint from under the hood and pour the paint out with a paper towel.

Use a toothpick or a sharpie to pry the exterior paint off of the hood.

The interior and/or exterior paint should look shiny and clean.

Next, apply a small amount of white paint to the paint, about an inch or so deep, to the area you want removed.

Apply the white paint so that the white part will cover the entire white surface.

Wait a few minutes and then use a clean cloth to remove any excess paint.

The paint should now be completely clean.

You can see a clear primer layer on the underside of the paintwork, just like the rest of the car.

Next you need to apply a primer coat.

To apply a white coat, pour a few drops of white primer into a paint brush and gently rub the paint into the primer.

Apply a coat of white to the interior paint to cover the whole area, and apply a coat with white primer on the outside of the windshield and on the side of the front bumper.

If using a white or gray primer, use a small piece of white tape to hold the paint.

Now you can use your new white paint on the exterior and/and interior of your vehicle.

If it’s a gray or white paint, use the same amount of primer and paint.

A small piece, less than a quarter-inch thick, is best for the exterior of your new car.

The primer should look just like a paint strip.

If there is too much white paint in the paint and you need a little more, you could paint the whole car with the primer you applied on the inside of the vehicle, but it’s not a good idea to paint the exterior unless you have a little bit of white on the interior.

To remove interior and outside paint, repeat the steps on the other side of your garage, but this time apply the primer and a white paint layer to the windshield.

To add a primer, place the primer on a clean piece of tape and carefully roll it up and put it into a spray bottle.

You may have to spray a bit more than a few times, and a small quantity of white may be necessary.

You’ll want to apply the spray bottle directly onto the inside side of any large, shiny, open surface.

The spray bottle should be large enough to fill the entire area of the exterior.

If the spray canister is too small to fit in the space of the interior or exterior paint, you’ll need to cut the canister off, remove the interior seal, and replace the can.

You will want to seal the can of paint with a tape or rubber band, or a similar material that fits into the inside or outside of your spray can.

Next add the primer or white coat to the inside and outside of any area where the interior interior paint should be.

Apply it to the whole paintwork.

After the paint is fully applied, take the spray off and wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth.

You want to use the primer to prevent any further contamination from the primer that you used on the surface, so you’ll want a paper towels-sized patch of white paste on the paint at the top and bottom of the patch.

Using a clean spray bottle, apply the paste to the surface of the white exterior paint and finish the job by wiping the entire car with a cloth.

It’s best to leave the primer in the car for a few hours to allow it to dry, but you should wait a few days before you use it again.

To clean your car, rinse the interior of the inside, exterior, and any other areas you didn’t cover with white paste.

You should then use any white paint you have left to coat the inside as well as the outside.