A 3D printing company in China is using 3-D printing to paint flooring in a residential building in China’s Fujian province, local media reported on Tuesday.

The project, dubbed Garage Floor Paint, was launched in February and is being funded by the government of Fujian, which is the country’s second-largest.

The 3D-printed coatings, which cost between 100 yuan ($16) and 1,000 yuan ($25), can be applied directly to any surface.

The paint comes with an instruction manual, and can be printed on any metal surface, including plywood, concrete, wood, and even steel.

“I wanted to bring a modern touch to the home, and so Garage Floor paint is a great way to do so,” the company’s chief operating officer, Wang Zhaoxing, told the China Daily.

According to the company, the new paint is effective at reducing the appearance of moisture in the walls and floors, and the effect of dust and dust particles.

“This is an important part of improving the comfort of living in a new and innovative way,” Wang added.