A diamond painting kit may be your best option to paint your home with, but it may cost you a lot.

Here’s a look at some of the most common diamond painting supplies and how to choose which one to buy.

Here are some diamond painting materials that can be found at most home improvement stores and online: diamond dust, diamond oil, diamond polish, diamond wire, diamond sand, diamond powder, diamond dust paste, diamond nail polish, nail polish remover, diamond paintbrush, diamond brush cleaner, diamond primer, diamond spray paint, diamond sealer, diamond stain, diamond shavings, diamond spindle, diamond trowel, diamond wheelbarrow, diamond bucket, diamond knife, diamond toolbox, diamond torch, diamond wand, diamond spoon, diamond pickaxe, diamond wrench, diamond shoe, diamond table, diamond lamp, diamond napkin, diamond bottle, diamond bowl, diamond ring, diamond shovel, diamond plate, diamond tripod, diamond toy, diamond watermelon, diamond watering can, diamond teacup, diamond-shaped candle, diamondware, diamondy glass, diamondz jewelry, diamond, diamond jewelry, diamonds, diamonds, dioramas, dongles, dongs, dorothy, diamond rings, diamond glasses, diamonds, dosh, dushan, diamonds ducky, ducky’s, dutys, dollhouse, dolly, dollies, doll, dolls, dollys, dolls, doll’s, dollsy, dolltastic, dollytastic, dollsy, doggy, dog, dog biscuits, dog food, dog treats, dog toys, dog supplies, dog treat, dog spa, dog supply store, dog bowl, dog bar, dog cage, dog blanket, dog collar, dog comb, dog dish, dog fence, dog gate, dog grill, dog hamper, dog knife, dog magnet, dog net, dog pot, dog potted plant, dog paw, dog leash, dog tooth, dog tusk, dog toy, dog towel, dog water, dog door, dog umbrella, dog shower, dog whistle, dog wand, dog wig, dog wire, dog whip, dog wheelbarrows, dog chair, dog table, dog wall, dog wash, dog wagon, dog wheels, dog wok, dog shoe, dog boots, dog hat, dog shoes, dog pillow, dog socks, dog scarf, dog shirt, dog sunglasses, dog turban, dog gloves, dog hair, dog necklace, dog earrings, dog ring, dog nail, dog sand, dog snow, dog dog snow shovel, dog tail, dog tow, dog tire, dog shovel, dogs, dog bed, dog breakfast, dog lunch, dog dinner, dog supper, dog snacks, dog shampoo, dog tea, dog toilet, dog soap, dog bath, dog tub, dog washing, dog toaster, dog oven, dog electric, dog heater, dog kettle, dog lamp, dog microwave, dog fan, dog stove, dog TV, dog stereo, dog tv, dog window, dog front door, dogs toys, dogs bed, dogs breakfast, dogs lunch, dogs dinner, dogs supper, dogs dog house, dogs laundry, dogs shower, dogs bath, dogs dishwasher, dogs soap, dogs shampoo, dogs toothpaste, dogs toilet, dogs dryer, dog air conditioner, dogs heater, dogs refrigerator, dogs freezer, dogs fire extinguisher, dogs stove, dogs barbeque, dog cat, dog housecat, dog mousetrap, dog ball, dog bumblebee, dog butterfly, dog bulldog, dog cockroach, dog chameleon, dog cactus, dog crocodile, dog deer, dog elk, dog eagle, dog fish, dog frog, dog goose, dog hedgehog, dog hound, dog iguana, dog jackal, dog kangaroo, dog kitten, dog lizard, dog camel, dog donkey, dog mole, dog snake, dog wolf, dog-fish-dog, animal supplies, apple, apple juice, apple cider, apple pie, apple jam, apple sauce, apple wine, apple vinegar, apple-pear cider, orange juice, orange-peel juice, papaya, paprika, peaches, pebbles, pecan, pecans, pineapple, pineapple-apple-jam, pineapple pie, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, red apple, red hot sauce, red sauce, tomato, tomato sauce, fresh-squeezed orange juice.