The World’s Most Influential Hitler Paintings

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s first birthday and a day when the world is celebrating the man who has shaped the course of modern history.In celebration of the occasion, we’ve collected some of the world’s most significant artworks by the Nazi leader, and selected some of our favourites for your viewing pleasure.Read more […]

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How to Paint the Blue of Your Home

When it comes to the blue of your home, you may have a number of options.In this article, we’ll walk through what to do to paint the color in your home.The Blue of the Home: Using Blue Paint Colors to Paint Your Home First, what are the most common blue colors you see?Well, you’ve probably […]

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How to tell if a horse is sick

Horses are extremely vulnerable to illness, and this is one of the reasons they are not given proper treatment.The condition of the horse can affect their health and their health care, and it can be life-threatening.Here are some tips to help determine if your horse is ill.1.The vet will want to see the horse for […]

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How to make your own dog photo with a drone

Photographer John Fealy and his dog have a unique new way to capture a perfect portrait of their beloved pet, and it’s called a drone.Fealer and his wife, Jill, have been painting miniature portraits of their dogs for the past eight years.Jill Fealers hobby involves painting miniature paintings of her two sons, including the latest […]

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How to Make a Simple Painting Idea from Minecraft

How to make a simple painting idea from Minecraft?It’s the same as painting your grandma, right?And if you’re a Minecraft fan, you’ve probably got this handy trick up your sleeve already: the painting toolkit.This handy resource includes everything you need to paint, from paint brushes and paints to paint plates and paints.So take a look […]

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